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About Us and a Few Rules

Welcome to our Wyld-Art Group.

New Admins!!

We would like to welcome our 4 new admins to the team. Sharon Legg Digital Arts, CanadianRy, skychris and cycoze!!!!! Glad to have you with us. Check out their galleries!!!!

We have been going for just over a year and a great group of artists have joined. Many thanks!!!
We have been able to show a wide range of artistic styles here.
Here you will see all forms of art in the same folders. Photographs, paintings, sketches and digital art all in the designated folder.
When you submit, just pick the folder that best fits your subject.
We have gathered a great team of Admins who will do their best to get your art posted as soon as possible and we welcome them. Have a look at their galleries!!!!!!!!!

As with anything, there will be some changes made as we grow. We want to see your submissions, but please try to refrain from submitting 25 different photos of fluffy the cat. Your best one or two will do.

We hate to decline any work, but if you have a poorly composed or out of focus image, we regretfully will.
The reason for decline will only be given if asked and it will not become a debate or tutorial in this forum. If you are looking for advice or a tutorial, PM an admin for advice or discussion.

I want to thank everybody who has joined so far and we look forward to making this a great family oriented group.


Group Info

Although I major in wildlife photography, this is a group that will be displaying all forms of wildlife, nature, people, machines, scenic and concept art. Photography, sketches and paintings will be in all the same folders. There will be no separation of the genres. This allows us to see all of them together. Photography, sketches and paintings all go into the designated folder. Bird drawings, paintings and photos in the bird folder and so on.
Some adjustments will be made as our group grows into a Super Group!!

Thanks very much!!!!
Founded 5 Years ago
Feb 10, 2012


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630 Members
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Animals, Plants, & Nature Week

 Poppies in the blue by kayaksailor
Poppies in the Blue
Daily Deviation 7/8/2015

Hello! My name is Ruth, though I am commonly known as kayaksailor on DeviantArt. I have been a photographer for most of my life, adding up to more than a half century of taking photos! I think I've fainted. I made the official switch from film to digital in May 2007 (about the same time as I joined DA) after getting my first dSLR, a Nikon D100, at a yard sale. As I am rather fond of flower gardens and the accompanying insects, those are my primary subjects and will be my examples for this article. Personal taste will dictate your scenes! Today's article will discuss some Depth of Field tips for Close-up flower photography!

Light and shadow by kayaksailor

First of all... What is a Close-up Photograph?

We will begin with two simple definitions of what Close-Up photography is:

  1. A photograph taken at close range or with a long focal-length lens.
  2. An intimate or detailed view.

 Hanging on... by kayaksailor

So... What is the Difference Between

Close-up and Macro Photography?

Many people equate Macro photography with Close-up photos. There are certainly similarities--as the photographer, you may be near the subject and the image may show tiny details--but the biggest difference comes down to the the ratio between the subject's actual size and how it is represented on the image. 

A Macro photograph is one in which there is a 1:1 ratio or greater between the size of the subject on your camera's sensor and the size of the subject in real life. If the size of the subject on your camera's sensor is smaller than the size of the subject in real life, you have a Close-up photograph. For many people the two terms are used interchangeably but having an understanding of the differences is important for categorizing on DA!

To me, the intent is to get the feeling of being IN the image.

Poppy Nightplay by kayaksailor

When it comes to Close-up photography, there are no hard and fast rules to which lens you use or exactly how close you have to be. But be prepared to get your knees dirty, maybe even your elbows and stomach too!

into the flowers by kayaksailor Snake Mom by kayaksailor In the shot by kayaksailor

Tip: I tend to use my zoom lenses, 28mm-300mm & 150mm-600mm, primarily due to the way they foreshorten objects and make the subjects feel closer than in reality.

Above the crowd by kayaksailor

Tip: A tripod is helpful, but not always necessary. If you do use one make sure it allows you to get close to the ground, depending on your subject.

Ok, I'm ready to learn what Depth of Field is!

An understanding of depth of field (DoF)–-how much of your photograph is in focus–-is helpful. Depth of field is controlled by your camera's aperture and the aperture on your camera is represented by f-stop numbers. Remember: As you change your f-stop you'll also need to adjust your shutter speed and ISO to compensate. I tend to shoot in aperture priority mode.

Shallow DoF

A shallow depth of field can be achieved by shooting with a large aperture (a lower f-stop number). With these smaller f-stop values, your lens has a larger opening, allowing more light into the camera. This allows the camera to focus more fully on your subject and leave the surrounding elements blurry. This helps to single out your subject (creating a point of interest) while at the same time reducing the effect of distracting background clutter:

Quail chick stretch by kayaksailor belly flowers by kayaksailor twist on fall foliage by kayaksailor
Complimentary Colors by kayaksailor Autumn Glow by kayaksailor Hanging on by kayaksailor

Deep DoF

A deep depth of field can be achieved by shooting with a small aperture (a high f-stop number). With these larger f-stop values, your lens has a smaller opening which restricts the amount of light entering the camera and causes your camera to capture the foreground and background in focus. This technique is not used as often in Close-up photography but is seen more often when shooting scenery:

Down in my valley by kayaksailor 

Experiment with a variety of f-stop depths to find what you like. Most mid-range to professional dSLR cameras have an f-stop “preview” button.

Tip: By pushing the button you manually close the aperture leaves down in your lens and you can see what will be in focus.

When choosing an f-stop, it is important to think about your subject and what you want to emphasize. If it is an insect, it is important to have the eyes in focus – a general choice. So you'll need to be aware of the depth of your focal plane; how deep the area in focus needs to be to capture all the details you want. Flowers are more forgiving so you can get a narrow band for a bit more of an abstract look.

Waiting for the sun by kayaksailor

And that's where the experimentation comes in! My biggest tip for Close-up Photography: 

Don't be afraid to take the same image with varying f-stops.

You may have an image in mind when you set out to capture a scene Close-up, but by trying different f-stops you may discover a photograph that truly delights you. 

down in the view by kayaksailor

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